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Heat Transfer Pad

F&D Company Heat Transfer pad is a Low hardness and High thermally conductive sheet, incorporating thermally conductive filler and silicone. This high performance thermally conductive silicone rubber sheet is available in thickness form 0.2mm to 10mm. The softness relieves stress and absorbs shocks minimizing damage to delicate leads.

Features & Benefit

• High Thermal conductivity : 1.0~8.0 W/mK (ASTM D5470*)
• Soft Type for Good conformable.
• High electrical resistivity.
• Excellent flame retardant.
• Natural tacky or Adhesive type.
• Various thickness
• Available in sheets and die-cut parts.
• Reduce thermal resistance by eliminating air gaps.
• Low-stress for vibration and shock damping.
• mproved performance for high-heat assemblies.
• Usable over a wide range of temperature.


  • • TV, Electro-Device.
  • • Power supplies
  • • Mobile phone & smart device.
  • • CDROM/DVD/BD/hard drive.
  • • Automotive
  • • Set-top box

Rule of Part Number

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