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Slot mount fingers

• Beryllium copper material enables SMD grounding contacts excellent mechanical and formability performance, as well as good resilience and electrical conductivity. This material is one of the most widespread use and excellent shielding mate
• F&D offers the most complete line of standard EMI shielding gaskets in the industry to solve EMI and ESD Issues and applies in a various occasions and diversified installation
• F&D uses alloy material of stainless steel, phosphor bronze for shielding, grounding, or stamping process per customers’ requirement.


• Good resilience
• Excellent compression ratio
• Durable fatigue resistance
• No stress relaxation phenomenon, good dimensional stability
• Good formability which is flexible in designing various lightweight and
complex shape parts.
• Easy to design miniaturization
• Suitable for larger gap filling
• Easy to install, a variety of installation methods
• Easy to electroplate and weld
• Good electrical conductivity
• Ultra-low permeability
• Extreme operating temperature range
• Not burn
• Corrosion resistance
• Excellent shielding effectiveness


F&D EMI Beryllium copper fingers stock is applied in the electrical equipment to solve EMI and ESD issues
• Finger stocks has various of products and installation methods and can be applied in a various occasions including shielding room, chassis plate, chassis, cabinet door, etc.
• The spring finger wiping action can also help to reduce oxide build-up at mating contact surfaces when the gasket is used in applications with frequent openings and closings
• These shielding gaskets are designed for a wide variety of application requirements from small handheld devices to large shielded enclosures.

Rule of Part Number

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