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Heat Transfer Paste

F&D Company's Heat Transfer Paste is highly conformable, thermally conductive type silicone paste.
It provides a thermal solution for the recent trends of higher frequencies and integration in the development
of electronic device.
HTP series form in place gap filler type easily forms and adheres to most surfaces, shape, and size of components.

Features & Benefit

• One or Two-Part Paste
• Fill large gaps while providing superior thermal transfer.
• High Thermal conductivity 1.0 ~ 3.5W/mK
• Easy to dispensev
• Good conforming
• Good thixotropic for handling
• Low volatile type: <50ppm (2-part)


• TV, Electro-Device.
• Mobile phone & smart device.
• Automotive
• Power supplies
• CDROM/DVD/BD/hard drive.
• Set-top box

Please contact us for any detailed information or specific needs.